Simple, Easy, Strawberry Jam


Nothing quite signals the start of canning season like strawberry jam.  Many may argue that rhubarb is the start, but I typically just freeze it for use later, so it is strawberries for me.  To top it off, strawberry jam is easy to make, a great beginner canning project and nothing quite tastes like a jar of […]

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Raised Waffles

What is a Sunday morning without waffles?  I’m not talking about eggos.  The waffles I am talking about are the kind of waffles you make up the night before using yeast.  You let them rise overnight and then add the eggs in the morning, just before you cook them.  They are crispy on the exterior, […]

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Zucchini pickles.

I love pickles.  All kinds of pickles.  So for that reason I am not sure why I never tried zucchini pickles, but that wasn’t going to last long. A couple of weeks ago I read a post over at Lottie and Doof about zucchini pickles and I knew that was what I had to put […]

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