Presidente Apricot Jam

As I write this post there are 13 jars of apricot jam boiling away in water bath.  It is the last of many batches of apricot jam (thanks to buckets of fruit gifted by neighbors) that I made this year and it is a very special batch.  You see, I learned it was National Tequila Day today and in honor of this day I did what anyone would do and I threw two shots of top shelf tequila in my jam and then 2 more shots of Grand Marnier.  Purely on a whim and no recipe in site.  Well, no recipe, until now.

What I can tell you about this jam is that it is AMAZING.  Seriously amazing.  I had no idea how amazing it would be.  If you can still get apricots in your area, then you need to try this.

Presidente Apricot Jam
Recipe type: Jam, Jelly
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
A delightful blend of apricots, Grand Marnier and white tequila. Suitable for toast and marinades.
  • 6 cups halved and pitted apricots with the skin on
  • 4½ cups sugar
  • ¾ cup lemon juice
  • 2 shots white tequila
  • 2 shots Grand Marnier
  1. Place your apricots in a non reactive, heavy pan or suitable jam pan.
  2. add the 4½ cups sugar
  3. Bring the jam to a boil on medium high heat and then reduce the heat to medium and stir for 20-30 minutes to keep from burning.
  4. Add the two shots of tequila and 2 shots Grand Marnier and stir to combine.
  5. continue the boil on Medium heat for about 10 more minutes and then add the lemon juice and continue to stir for about 20 more minutes or until your jam passes the drop test on a cold plate.
  6. When the jam is ready it should fill about 12 sterilized jars, then cap and process them in a boiling water bath using USDA guidelines for your altitude.