Rhubarb Kumquat Jam

Last years rhurbard is a distant memory now and this years crop is only a pink crown showing it’s head through yesterdays snow so imagine my joy when I opened my freezer and saw those two pounds of rhubarb I froze last October. There they were and there was the pound of kumquats I picked up at the store last week. Right then I had an aha moment. I was going to pair the two.

On my way to the kitchen I stopped by the computer and found a couple of recipe’s for kumquat marmalade and rhubarb kumquat chutney, but nothing for jam. I started to think I was a pioneer here, but a couple of more turns down the scroll wheel and there I saw it. A recipe, but not one I was about to try. Why? because it would take 24 hours. So here I am blazing a 2 hour trail of rhubarb kumquat jam while I sit home with a sick kid. Woo Hoo.

The big problem with the recipe that I found was that it required macerating the rhubarb for 24 hours.  I did my macerating in the pot at 160 degrees with 3 cups of sugar and 45 minutes.  The second big problem was orange blossom water.  That stuff makes things taste like soap and your grandmothers perfume, so I used the juice of three cara cara oranges.  Worked fine.  In the end it came out of the pot as a lively jam.  Sharp notes you would expect from the rhubarb and kumquat and lovely sweet flavor.  AMAZING if I may say so myself.

So here it is, enjoy the recipe.

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Rhubarb Kumquat Jam
Recipe type: Jams/Jellies
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A lively, bright, flavorful and sweet jam. Perfect on toast or biscuits and a great way to celebrate fresh winter fruits while using up that rhubarb you froze last fall.
  • 2 lbs rhubarb stalks
  • 1 lb kumquats
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • Juice of three oranges (cara cara or any orange)
  1. Cut rhubarb stalks into 2 inch pieces
  2. thinly slice your kumquats and remove the seeds. Cut off each end first and then you don’t have to remove them or throw them away and you can still get nice thin slices.
  3. Place rhubarbs and sugar in a pot with the juice of the three oranges. Let it stew at 160 degrees for 45 minutes to macerate them quickly.
  4. Add the thinly sliced kumquats and then turn up your heat to bring the pot to a boil. reduce your heat as necessary to prevent scorching.
  5. Stir constantly until your jam thickens and passes the cold plate test. When it gels properly on a cold plate it is ready to be bottled.
  6. Place your jam in sterilized jars, cover with lids and rings and place it in a boiling water bath for the amount of time required at your altitude.

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