Salt Cured Chili Peppers

A month or so ago I came across a book that had a recipe for Salt Cured Peppers. I was intrigued at the idea of an option other than pickling or drying, so I decided to give it a go.  The result was amazing!  The flavor of the pepper is well preserved along with the heat.  In fact, I find it very much like eating them fresh.  Well, with a salty bite on the tongue.

The great thing about these peppers is that you can save them a year or more and when you find yourself needing to make a salsa in February or wanting a touch of hot pepper oil you need to only chop them or puree them with the accompanying ingredients to fulfill the needs of your recipe.  No more store bought peppers for you!

The process is easy.  You need only cut your peppers into 1/2 inch segments, salt them and then cover and refrigerate them for 5 days, stirring them once each day.  At the end of five days you bottle them in one or two quart jars and you are on your way.

Salt Cured Chili Peppers
Recipe type: Condiment
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Use these peppers anywhere you would typically use hot chilies.
  • 2 pounds fresh hot peppers
  • ½ cup salt
  1. Wash, dry and chop the peppers into ½ inch segments.
  2. Put them in a ceramic or non reactive bowl and pour the salt over the peppers. Mix the salt throughout the peppers, and let them sit at room temperature for at least 24 hours cover and refrigerate.
  3. After placing them in the fridge you will need to stir them once each day for 5 days, skim off any scum that may form at the top.
  4. After 5 days have passed, Pack them in a jar and keep in the fridge for a year or more. Every time you need peppers your supply is at hand.