Meditrina – Small Plates and Wine Served in the Hood.

I find it hard to believe that it took me over a year to get into Meditrina, but mediocre reviews and low marks from foodie friends kept me away and I am now sorry that I let them sway me. I should read the reviews of regular people a little more often.

My wife, ever the matchmaker, was setting up a meet and greet for a dear friend of ours and a single gentleman that my wife works with. We were looking for a casual restaurant that wouldn’t be too stuffy, that was kid friendly (for our little one) and served light meals and appetizers. We debated between Martine (too stuffy), Eva (too tight for high chairs) and Meditrina. One of our foodie friends said that Martine would be good and the food was improving, so ever the one to try new things, Meditrina it was.

Located just South of Spring Wireless Stadium and on West Temple, the location is considered by many to be the Hood. It’s far from it. This neighborhood is just fine and in any other city would be considered perfectly safe. So some ratty yards exist in the area. Don’t let them scare you.

It was early when we arrived so we were only the second table to be seated and we had a nice spot by the front window. Unfortunately we were wrong on the baby friendly front and they did not have high chairs or booster seats. The hostess said she could maybe dig up a yellow pages. Not cool, so we elected to sit our two year old on my lap and in his own seat. Awkward, yes… No restaurant should be without a high chair, I know some children are not good in restaurants and if ours was not I would not bring him. As it stands, he is a foodie at heart and very well behaved. So cut us some slack…. Anyway, this was a strike against them and I hoped that it would get better from here on out. It did.

We elected to go for the pitcher of house made sangria as our beverage for the evening $18, It was quite good with just the right blend of citrus and wine so that neither over powered the other. I hate fruit punch disguised as sangria and this was not it.

For our small plates we elected to try the all of the offerings on the evenings early bird menu and at 5 bucks each until 6:30 this is an excellent deal. So five dishes were ordered right off and then we added two more. So we had the Hummus Plate, Patatas Bravas, Beef Tenderloin Carpacio, Polenta Cake, Peppercorn Crusted Lollipop Lamb Chops, Button Mushrooms Marinated in Mustard and Vinegar. For Desert we thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Drunken Oreo and the Panna Cotta (Lavender with a Honey Drizzle)

Of all of our choices there were a couple of standouts and only one we could take or leave. The standouts being the Beef Tenderloin and the Lollipop Lamb Chops. The beef was sliced very thin and served raw under a bed of arugula and no one flavor stood out over the other and it was a marriage made in heaven. The lamb chops were also incredible and the puree of sweet potato was such a favorite of our two year old we had to order him his own plate and the happily obliged for only $2.00 more. The dish we could take or leave was the polenta cakes. They were dry and dense and while they weren’t horrible, I would not order them again.

The desert that evening was something I was a bit apprehensive to try, but I am glad I did. Who would imagine that oreos could be soaked in red wine? It was delicious! The panna cotta was also perfect. Lavender can often taste soapy when not used properly and they did just fine here. I would definitely order it again.

I highly recommend Meditrina and I will be back again. I really want to try the $5.00 lunch specials!I just hope they see this and get a high chair or two.

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  1. amy britt says

    Hey thanks for the positive and negative feedback. We appreciate it and yes, I got Meditrina a high chair. Thanks again…look forward to seeing you all soon. Amy

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