Plant More Trees – Spring Planting Season is Here.

While Fall is the best time to plant trees, Spring comes in close as another good time. Just don’t plant in the middle of the summer.

So if you are thinking of planting a tree this Spring, check out for the 9 things you should know about planting trees or click on each link below to be directed to the area you want to learn more about.

9 Things You Should Know About Trees

#1 – Don’t Top Trees!
#2 – 1/3 and 1/4 Rules of Pruning
#3 – How to Make a Pruning Cut
#4 – The Value of Mulch
#5 – Where Roots Really Grow
#6 – Girdling Kills Trees
#7 – How to Plant a Containerized Tree
#8 – How to Plant a Bare-root Tree
#9 – Your Street Trees May Be City Trees

Watch the video below for just one more good reason to plant a tree this year. Think of the squirrels.

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